Preventing Pool Related Illnesses

  • Inform your pool professional in the event of contamination.


  • To minimize exposure to pathogens, swimmers should avoid getting water into their mouths and never swallow pool or spa water.


  • Showering before swimming can reduce the introduction of contaminants.


  • Wash kids before swimming, especially their hind parts.


  • Take the kids on potty breaks, whether they ask or not.


  • Toddlers should wear special "swim diapers" and even these are not foolproof.


  • Check diapers often. If you hear, "I have to go," this can mean the child is already "going."


  • Wash hands after changing a baby's diaper (and change kids in the bathroom not next to the pool).


  • Those with diarrhea or other gastroenteritis illnesses should not swim, especially children.


  • The education of parents of small children and other people with regard to good hygienic behavior at swimming pools is also important for improving health safety.


  • A well-maintained, properly operating pool filtration and re-circulation system is the first barrier in combating contaminants large enough to be filtered.


  • Rapid removal of filterable contaminants reduces the impact on the disinfection system thereby limiting the formation of chloramines, restricting the formation of disinfection by-products and optimizing sanitation effectiveness.


Here is a great article about swimming pool sanitation from Wikipedia

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