CH- Calcium Hardness

  • (CH) Calcium hardness indicates the amount of calcium in the water.


  • Over time, water with low calcium levels will tend to dissolve calcium out of plaster, pebble, tile, stone, concrete, and to some extent fiberglass surfaces.


  • Keeping the water saturated with calcium will protect pool surfaces from premature failure.


  • A plaster pool should have CH levels between 250 and 350.


  • Total hardness is the sum of calcium hardness and magnesium hardness.


  • Most test strips report TH instead of CH causing plaster degradation from low calcium.


  • To increase your CH level you can add calcium chloride.


  • Cal-hypo will also increase CH levels, for every 10ppm of free chlorine added to your pool you increase your CH by 7ppm.


  • To decrease you must remove water. 

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